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Can i use a custom domain name or link my existing domain name ? Do i need a web host ?

All Worf stores get a free site.worf.in domain name on signup. You can choose to link an existing domain that you have with your Worf Stack App.

When you purchase the yearly premium plan, you can choose a custom domain of your choice for FREE. This custom domain will be linked to your Worf Stack App (https enabled) and will be live within 90 minutes across the globe. It is free for one year.

This site of yours will have unlimited bandwidth, which means millions of buyers can visit your e-commerce store and there will NOT be any extra charge for hosting for one year. You don’t have to buy any web hosting explicitly.

Please note that the free custom domain is available on the yearly premium plan for one year only. After one year, payment for it will be on actuals. You can however choose to buy the custom domain on the quarterly premium plan by paying the additional amount based on the domain of your choice.