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Our Features

We at worf provide complete web support, from web designing to hosting and logo making. We deal in creating new websites for your professional or personal use and renovating existing ones.We at Worf Internet Services (P) Ltd. thrive for your professional benefits with a goal of giving you an online existence and recognition through internet marketing and search engine optimisation(SEO). To be recognised on the web, come to us... We have a dream of making your dreams come true!.

  • Web Development

    We build robust content managed websites, intranets and extranets. We also build bespoke server-side applications, and dynamic, client-side content using HTML 5, & JavaScript.

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  • Website Designing

    Your website sets the tone of your business before a customer ever steps in your door. Make your message cohesive and clear with our proven data-driven design methods and drive in More Clients.

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  • ECommerce Enabled

    We are experienced in digital advertisements, online sales, and product marketing. With us handling the security, product infrastructure, and ads; all you have left to do is sell!

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  • Cloud Technology

    Your Web Projects are Pre-hosted on cloud technology enabled virtual and physical servers.You don't need to worrie about hosting of the website we can host it with 99.99% uptime

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  • Web Applications

    We Sell Pre-Hosted Web applications which are popular due to their convenience as they can be updated and maintained without having to distribute and install software. Like Wordpress, Joomla etc.

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  • Responsive Design

    With more than 40% of all web traffic now coming from mobile phones and tablets, your website needs to look good has to be device friendly no matter what kind of device it’s being viewed on.

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  • SEO

    Our clients have page-one Google visibility for a reason, our search engine expert stays on top of current algorithms and competitor terms to get you to the top. Free Google Credits.

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  • 5-Star Support

    We understand that the foundation for a professional and effective project begins with the relationship we build with our customers.We’re here to help you create online success!

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Services & Capabilities

We create digital chemistry.

We are a website design and digital marketing agency that believes in creating engaging experiences. The work we produce helps our clients interact and transact with their customers in new and exciting ways.

  • Clean Design

    We have some of the best website designers in our Department Of Design & Developement. They have years of expreience in making a better web life.

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  • Save On Cloud

    Our all databases and servers run on highly sofisticated secure Cloud enabled technologies.We provide 99.99% uptime to our servers and Clients Domains

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  • Unbelievable options

    At Worf ,We do lot more than only designing. Worf is a One Stop Place for domains to website and SEO to Web Hosting Services.

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  • Best customization

    Our Web projects are highly Custmizable & We also give freedom to our clients to customize their Web Hosting Technical Parameters anytime after purchase.

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What We Can Do For You

At Worf Internet Services (p) Ltd., we understand that there are many factors that affect the functionality of a website. It’s not just about how good your website looks, but how easy it is to use. A website that is poorly designed will not perform well and will not serve its purpose. If a customer does not like what they see on your website, it is likely they will move straight onto the next site.

Website Design & Development .
A great website can lead to your next client, sale or partnership, so it is important that you get it right. The Web Dreamerz design team designs beautiful and meaningful websites that serve a purpose; to connect with your audience. Whether an established entity or a venturing upstart the principles of great design and modern development are applicable to every web project we engage.
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A processed transaction is just a small part of any eCommerce website. We have years of experience in understanding the best methods to selling online, from easy management of your product inventory, through to the art of a ‘call to action’ so that customers “buy now”.
Content Management Systems
Content management is the publishing, editing, modifying and organizing of content on a website in order to increase efficiency and search engine rankings. Quality content on a website will not only give you high search rankings on google, but will attract potential customers. A website that is a helpful and authoritative source in a particular industry will build trust with those potential customers. If performed correctly, content management will strengthen the success of your website.
Web Applications.
A web application is software that runs in a web browser. Web applications are popular due to their convenience as they can be updated and maintained without having to distribute and install software. The next big idea is still out there. We understand that an online venture involves more than a ‘build it and they will come’ approach. Creating a strong online presence requires constant maintenance and our award winning development processes, aligned with strategic advice, will ensure success from your launch to your first mention in the media.
  • User Interface Design 95%
  • Web Developement 97%
  • Branding & Identity 68%
  • Designing 95%
  • Marketing 70%